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Development Mistakes to Avoid

5 Simple Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Website

You might find web design tips and tricks everywhere but it is also very important to know what mistakes to avoid when creating a website as well. In fact, some people make some very bad mistakes and this will eventually ruin their online business and image. If you don’t want this to happen to you then continue to read this article. You will discover a couple of bad ideas which shouldn’t be put into practice when creating a website.

1. Adding sounds to buttons.

Bottom line: in most cases it is unnecessary. Although some websites might have incorporated sounds which are played when you hover the mouse over certain buttons, make sure that you avoid this at all costs. Usually, these sounds are childish and make your sound look unprofessional. Also, if the customer who navigates your website listens to music then these sounds will interfere with the tracks played and he will become angry and frustrated. Silence is bliss for your website.

2. Forcing your visitor to do many clicks.

You probably have already been on a website which presented an article and you had to click several times in order to read a couple of paragraphs. Also, each time you click in order to read another paragraph, the whole website refreshes and you have to wait a couple of seconds for the web page to be displayed. This is a total waste of time and it definitely drives you angry. Make sure that you don’t do this with your website or you will lose precious customers as well as a great deal of money.

3. Not having a mobile version of your website.

Everyone accesses the internet on mobile devices and you should adapt to this situation. Make sure that you create a version of your website in order to be displayed on mobile phones otherwise you will be considered as unprofessional. Also, remember to display the essential items of your website on its mobile version and to keep it as simple and elegant as possible.

4. Not adding comments, testimonials and reviews.

Every visitor of your website wants to know if you are to be trusted. Displaying testimonials and reviews about your products and services is a truly wonderful idea. The new visitors will get the chance to find out about the quality of your merchandise from past customers and this will eventually make you more popular and more successful in the future.

5. Not having offers or discounts for new clients.

In order to attract more customers, you need to give them something for free. Therefore, make sure that you add special offers for new customers on your website or you offer them discounted products for a limited period of time. Treating every new visitor with utmost care and respect will eventually transform him into a brand new customer.

All of these mistakes can be avoided. If you want to create a great website and boost your company’s image then give us a call. Our professional web designers will provide you top quality services at affordable prices and this will help you stay ahead of your competitors for a long while.
Jun 01 2015