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Getting Your Business Noticed

3 Foolproof Secrets To Getting Your Business Noticed Through Killer Web Design

Once upon a time on the internet you could ‘play the system’ to drive traffic to your website. You could stuff keywords into your pages, buy back links from dubious sites and create 3-page micro sites with phony reviews of your product or service. Google has long since figured out all of these tricks and put an end to them. Nowadays you need to imagine that your kids are reading everything you write and you need to explain it to them. Website design has become more crucial than ever. You need a well-designed site to temp people into clicking the ‘buy’ button instead of the ‘back’ button. Here are 3 web design secrets that will get your business noticed.

1. Sample Blog Templates Are Free Shortcuts To Great Design

Imagine you are a web designer who specializes in designing awesome blog templates. How would you get clients? One marketing technique that web designers are using is to create templates and give them away as samples. If there’s one way to can avoid paying a designer to get a template for your blog, this is it. You should search for sample blog templates to save yourself the hassle and expense of paying for one. If you are thinking of putting a blog on your site (and why not?) you will find thousands of free samples for whichever platform you use be it WordPress or Blogger. Many of the freebies are the work of professionals and will give your blog the professional look it deserves.

2. Check Who Owns The Code For Your Site

One little known secret amongst business owners is that web designers they hire might retain ownership of the code they write for you. For example, setting up and implementing advanced WordPress features require professionals and an unavoidable expense on your part. You should be aware that some design contracts contain clauses in the small print where you will not own the finished code on your website. This is crucial to getting your business noticed because your site should be regularly updated, maintained and refreshed. You will only be able to do this if you own the code. If you neglect this point, you will have to navigate around complex legal issues concerning intellectual property rights. This will cost you wasted time and money but ultimately your business is losing opportunities to be noticed online.

3. Hire Your Designer Carefully

A good electrician knows all there is to know about your home’s wiring and electrical system. You trust him with your life when you hire him to fix a faulty outlet. No matter how good he is, though, you wouldn’t hire him to fix your car. Likewise, you know your business better than anyone but that doesn’t mean you should design your own website. This is where web designers come in but with so many out there, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? When looking at the designer’s website, search for words such as ‘increase sales’ and ‘lead generation’. These terms tell you that the web designer understands that your business’ site is an asset with the purpose of satisfying business objectives.
Mar 01 2015