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Great Web Design 101

Great Web Design 101: The Devil is in the Details

Looking around the web at smaller websites that have never quite taken off, it’s often easy to see why. When you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to find a whole ton of common mistakes and things that aren’t up to scratch; even if the site looked rather nice at first glance.

The thing that amateur web designers often forget you see, is that the devil is very much in the details. In other words, the things that set a great professional web design apart from a substandard one, are the little things that you wouldn’t necessarily notice with an untrained eye. If you have ever designed a button for your website or some kind of graphic, or really if you’ve ever thought ‘that will do’ – then you really need to buck up your ideas or hire a professional web designer.

Let’s take a look at how and why those little things can make all the difference…


Have you ever been to a website trying to sell an eBook or some other product and noticed that the banner is somewhat ‘grainy’ and pixelated? Often it’s because they’ve been designed in MS Paint a long time ago or just that the site owner hasn’t put the time and effort into making them look as good as possible.

The problem for the webmasters here though, is that in saving themselves a few hours/few bob designing a really great banner, they will also have actually made their whole site look less professional and impressive. And because we’re used to seeing those grainy kinds of banners on sites that aren’t wholly professional, it means that we’ll associate them with dodgy deals and poor services. In other words, if you have grainy graphics on your website then you’ll lose business because you won’t look like a professional outfit. If you can’t be bothered to design your banners properly, then how good is that eBook really going to be?


Likewise, the way you design your graphics is also going to affect how clickable they are. Professional web design doesn’t just take into account what looks good, but also what compels people to want to click ‘buy’ or to want to stay on a particular website. Did you know that the colour red makes people more likely to click a ‘buy’ button because it promotes a feeling of urgency? Or that people are more likely to spend time on a blue website because they find it unconsciously calming? That’s the kind of thought and research you should be putting into every last button and decoration of your website and if you aren’t, then you’ll be losing money.


Finally, a few little imperfections like un-straight lines or odd choices of colour can add up to make a whole website feel ‘off’ which can be highly distracting – like a picture that isn’t hanging quite straight. Even if the imperfections aren’t consciously noticeable on an individual basis, they can add up to give people an uncomfortable feeling when looking at your website and thus drive away more traffic.

It’s like clean in a room that already looks clean. It might only be a few bits of dust that get sucked up and a few surfaces that get some extra shine but when all those things are combined and you’ve finished cleaning you’ll find the room still feels much more pristine and pleasant to be in.
Sep 15 2015