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How to Avoid Lost Sales

How to Avoid Losing Money by Fixing a Bad Website

You have started your own online business, organized your marketing campaign and have spent a considerable amount of money to create what you believe is a powerful income stream. But something is wrong as your efforts at reaching out may be generating good web traffic, but few people are buying. You go over the numbers and you cannot escape the truth, your web design may be hurting your efforts at creating profit.

First, you should congratulate yourself for taking the time in discovering the true cause of not making good sales. All too often, people pour even more money into marketing when it is actually the design of their website which is holding back the profits. The first move should be to contact a professional company like the Toronto Web Design experts to look over your site, but there are a few things that you can do on your own as well.

Five Ways to Correct Your Website

What follows are five simple tips to help you do a quick evaluation of your website. This will help in identifying the areas where you can improve your sales conversions.

Garish Graphics: Your homepage and frankly the rest of your website need to be clean, attractive and clear. Having garish graphics and colors is a real turnoff to potential customer who may see your website as being amateurish or worse, unprofessional. A little use of graphics here and there to highlight what you want visitors to see is one thing, blinding them with graphic overload will quickly send them somewhere else.

Difficult Navigation: If people have difficulty going from one page to the next, then you may find yourself with potential customers going somewhere else. A large menu bar that can take them anywhere they want to go should be on every page. You want to make it very easy for them to find your products and then proceeded to the checkout at soon as possible.

Unclear Directions: Somewhat related to navigation, but this is really for visitors who are ready to purchase your product. You need to make it as easy as possible to get to the checkout for purchase. Anything that is unclear or confusing may have your potential customer finding another place to do business.

Poor Images: We live in a world of HD video and super sharp photo quality. If the images you use on your website are blurry, dark or muddled it turns off the visitor. You do not want your website to suffer from the impression of being amateurish or unprofessional, so clean up or get rid of the images.

Clunky Checkout Process: The sale is not final until the cash hits the register, so do not pollute the process with logging in, up-sales, request for email address or anything else that stops a customer from immediately purchasing the product.

By following these five tips, you can narrow down what might be holding people back from buying your products or services. Also, hiring the Toronto Web Design experts can provide a professional approach that will identify all the issues that may be turning customers away.
Aug 01 2015