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How to Write Viral Content

How to Write Content That’s Likely to Go Viral and Bring You Thousands of New Visitors

When we hear the word ‘viral’ in relation to internet marketing, we tend to presume that it is referring to videos. All of us have heard about (and probably seen) viral videos and it’s clear the kind of exposure that these can generate for a business.

Video is not the only form of content that has the potential to go viral however and actually anything online can go viral if it has enough mass appeal. This applies equally to web apps, to images (such as the ever-popular cat memes), to articles. Here, it’s articles that are the easiest form of content to create and distribute, so how do you write in a way that’s likely to be shared? Read on to learn the tricks you can employ.

Catchy Headings and Titles

In order for something to go viral it needs to be able to quickly catch our eye and intrigue us, such that we will further inspect a link and then potentially share it further with friends.

To this end, you should try to study the format used by newspaper and magazine headlines which are designed to grab attention. Be short, succinct, to the point and most of all hyperbolic. Sweeping statements and controversial claims get readers and you can then justify your point in the article. Likewise, think about the value that your article delivers and the end result you are going for. If your article is telling people how to sell money, then be short and straight to the point: ‘Read This Article and Save Hundreds Every Month’. It’s eye catching, it’s exaggerated (most likely) and it tells readers how they stand to benefit from reading it.


Long articles have a lot of benefits and a fair amount of research has been done to suggest that they are generally more effective at wooing Google’s spiders. However, when it comes to going viral, shorter content with a clear message is more likely to hit the mark. People don’t tend to want to sit through large articles when they’re in a hurry and so they won’t want to inflict that on others either. If your article is short, then it will have more impact and even when someone is at work or in a hurry they’ll have time to read and share.

The Collective Consciousness

There are certain things that have a mass appeal already and that you know lots of people will have in common. Celebrity is a great example as it gives us a ‘common language’, mutual acquaintances almost with people that we don’t actually know. Using an element like this is more likely to get shared a lot because it’s likely to appeal innately to a huge audience already.


Finally, try to give your articles some kind of emotional hook. This way you’ll find your content doesn’t leave your readers as soon as they finish it and they’ll want to share the experience or discuss it with friends. If you can shock, upset or excite then you’ll have a far larger chance of going viral.
Sep 01 2015