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Reasons and Benefits to Using an SSL Certificate on Your Website

If you’re a website owner, you need to understand what an SSL certificate is, and whether you need one for your website. There are more and more incidents every year regarding hackers gaining access to websites and gaining information from customers like their credit card information.

Reasons Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

Customer Concerns
Consumers are very concerned about the security of their information. They are mistrustful about inputting their credit card or personal information into a website that isn’t extremely secure. Instead of a standard HTTP URL address, which means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, in front of the website name, a secure URL has HTTPS in front of the address. HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It will also have a secure SSL symbol in front of the HTTPS address. Before an SSL Certificate is issued to a website, the owner of the website is verified. Customers will know that if the website has an SSL Certificate that the owner is who they said they are.

What Information Needs to be Protected?
Even if you do not have an eCommerce site, you might want to have an SSL certificate to protect your users. If you have any kind of passwords or logins on your site, you’ll want to have a secure connection that will ease the minds of your website users. If you store sensitive information like social insurance number, addresses and credit card numbers, you will want to protect that valuable information. Confidential information like medical documents, legal documents or client contracts need to be protected.

Benefits for the Website with an SSL Certificate

Search Engine Ranking
Google is constantly changing the way they rank websites in their search engines. It can often be tough to discern what they use for ranking purposes, but in 2014, Google reported that they are using HTTPS as a ranking signal. Since they are a huge proponent of security, they want to reward websites that are serious about their customers’ security. It’s not really known how much weight they are giving SSL Certificates on websites, but if it gives the website an edge over competitors, it’s worth considering.

Customer Preference
Since more Internet users are becoming savvy about their online security risks, they know they should be on sites that have an HTTPS in the address. This means they could potentially bypass websites that they feel are not as secure. It could be the difference between gaining a customer or losing one to a competitor who has a more secure website.

You don’t need an SSL Certificate for the entire website. It could slow down the loading of the site on many computers, but you’ll need one on pages that are used for collecting customer information.
If you have any questions whether an SSL certificate is right for your website please call us or use our convenient contact form.
Oct 15 2015