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Social Networking Sites Explained

Social Networking Sites Explained

If you want to keep with the times and stay ahead of your competition, then it is essential that your business is on several of the most famous social networking sites. Social networking sites will help to increase your online presence, while also providing a platform for you to interact with your customers and fans. There are so many different social networking sites out there that it can be tough to know what’s what. This article takes a look at some of the most popular social networking sites, and it explains how they can benefit your business.


Facebook is the largest social networking site on the planet. It currently has 1.15 billion users and that figure is increasing rapidly. It is possible to create a Facebook fanpage for your business. Facebook users can choose to ‘like’ your business, and once they have done this all of the posts that you make will appear in their feed. In order to attract and keep fans you should post creative and engaging content which will either entertain or educate them. Try and only occasionally post information on the products and services that you sell. Constant self-promotion will only lose you fans in the long run.


Twitter is another one of the big players in terms of the social networking sites. It allows users to post short messages which are up to 140 characters in length that are called Tweets. You can also include links to blogs, websites and images. Other Twitter users can follow you, which means that your Tweets will appear in their feed. Twitter will allow you to view your customer’s opinions on your brand, plus it will also allow you to stay connected to a huge number of potential customers from around the world. Twitter is an important social networking site that can benefit most businesses.


YouTube is the world’s largest video content sharing site. YouTube allows you to start your own channel where you can upload a range of videos. Fans will then be able to subscribe to your videos, which means that they will be alerted every time that you post new content. YouTube channels are particularly beneficial if you sell physical products. You can post video reviews on your products, or also ‘how to’ videos which show the product in use.

These are three of the largest social networking platforms out there. When you sign up you should link all of your different social networking sites to one another as well as to your website.

It’s not just social networking sites you need to be a part of, in order to beat the competition you should also have a unique and easy to navigate website that is also mobile-friendly. At Trice Web Development we offer a range of services including logo design, website design and development, content management systems, shopping carts, marketing and SEO. We can listen to your vision for your business and review your online presence in order to recommend the best services for your needs.
Feb 15 2015