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A Blog about web design, convenience, and business.

Trice Web Development – Your Digital Ally

“Putting an indelible stamp on the digital marketplace”

What is ‘Trice Web Development?

  • We are a digital boutique that specializes in digital marketing rollout, and company-specific custom strategies, leveraging all facets of the digital realm. When you get ‘Trice’, you get a committed digital marketing team with a vested interest in helping your company establish authority, maintain dominance, and routinely be the first in your industry to utilize the newest strategies.

What really separates the Trice Web Development team?

  • In short, we become your team; and we’re not happy with coming in second. The term ‘vested interest’ exemplifies and personifies what we bring to the table. It is also clearly evident in the mantra that adorns the walls of our office:

“This is Trice Web Development – boondogglers need not apply”

Our team isn’t satisfied with punching a ticket every day as the status quo. Perhaps it’s a pride thing, but we want to be the best.

Our Mission:

  • We endeavor to be the ‘Digital Ally’ for the companies with whom we work. Our goal is to carve out a spot in the digital marketplace within which we can position your product; and watch it thrive, as we consistently improve your footing and reach.

The Digital Realm:

  • There is no question that the web can be a daunting and intimidating landscape if you don’t have a keen understanding of its inclusive nuances and persnickety preferences. Its ever-changing requirements must constantly be abided by to ensure legitimate standing and limit possible penalties. This is a daily struggle for even the largest of companies. Gone are the days of paying top dollar, and building the most links to maintain placement. It simply does not work that way anymore. It now requires in-depth study, assessment, strategy development, and careful deployment to situate a company in good standing. This is why it is of extreme importance to choose a company with whom you believe you can work for the foreseeable future.

When searching for a digital team, here are some common mis-queues:

  • Company jumping – There is a significant number of companies out there that move from digital company to digital company with the same consistency of changing your chosen brand of paper towels. These companies make this change without fully understanding the inherent implications associated with these jumps. Switching digital strategies in this manner creates ever-increasing challenges for each new team you bring on.  Digital strategies include a number of working parts that reach maturation at different times, so it is imperative that you choose a company wisely, and give it time to allow the implementations to percolate within the stringent guidelines that govern the web.

  • Unrealistic Expectations – Another area in which company’s views become skewed is when an expectation is brought to the table with no understanding of how something like this can be achieved. If you intend to walk into a really knowledgeable digital company with this remark as your starting point: “we want to be number 1!” – then you have shown a major gap in your understanding of the digital marketplace. It shows that you do not currently understand your brand’s digital presence, and what you’re actually trying to accomplish. A number one placement in rankings is not what it used to be, and it certainly will not guarantee anything when it comes to the end conversion goal you’re trying to achieve. There are a myriad of moving parts that must operate comprehensively toward a common goal. Now, is being number 1 something to go after? Yes, it’s great to have, however, there are so many other pieces that must be harnessed to complement it. One piece does not a puzzle make. Understand your goals, and be realistic.

  • Trust Your Choice – Once you have done the due diligence in choosing a digital marketing partner, make sure that you trust their ability to do the job for which you hired them. Do not allow your second guesses to cloud your judgment of the implementations; especially if a reasonable time has not yet passed. Some people find it advantageous to perform their own strategies in the background whilst their hired partner is working. This is a digital faux pas, because it can drastically and negatively impact the structured strategy by undermining what has already been built. It is almost a foregone conclusion that any behind the scenes meddling will inevitably damage a campaign.

What is it like working with Trice Web Development?

  • At Trice Web Development we operate as though we are an adjunct to your marketing department. We are the entity that looks out for your best interests in the Digital Marketplace. We create, foster, guard, and proliferate your brand. We are collaborative and communicative in our approach to establish and maintain your brand’s presence on the digital stage.

What is Digital Ally?

  • In addition to being an apt description for what we are to our clients; it is also the name of our blog. Digital Ally is the place where you will find explanations about myths, misnomers, rhetoric, relevant strategies, trends, and straightforward insight; rather than opinion. Digital space is a relative unknown, simply because its ongoing evolution is consistently making previously known facts no longer applicable. Picture ‘digital’ as life – just when you think you’ve got it figured out, someone changes the rules. Digital Ally answers a need for all businesses that understand the need for digital, but are reticent of the many unknown trends, and how they may work to benefit them. Follow our blog here.

Common Digital Marketing Misconceptions:

  • “My site doesn’t need to be redesigned for SEO”

    • This is something we hear much of the time. Your digital marketing platform has many inclusive parts that must be coordinated to create the full reach of your desired presence. Of course this not a hard and fast rule for every campaign, but there is definitely a connection between infrastructure, reach, and finally – conversion.

  • “We must have a social component”

    • This is definitely not the case. Although social can be a great supplemental component to a full-breadth campaign; it is definitely not relevant to every business. This is why it’s important to locate a digital company that understands which pieces of the platform are specifically relevant to your product or service, and those that are not. In some circumstances, there are companies that will implore you to purchase a comprehensive digital plan that may include everything under the sun; but are all those focal points necessary? In many cases they’re not, and that’s why it is important to know your company’s goals before you allow someone else to take control.

  • “They had better show their worth in 3 months”

    • There are many who believe that this is a standard time frame for determining the validity and resultant ROI for a digital campaign. This may be a starting point to make some adjustments and to ascertain the ascent of what’s gone on, but it is in no way, a ‘cut the losses’ time frame. At the 3 month point, it is time to assess the returned statistics, and identify the next portion of the plan. The purpose of the 90 days is to provide enough useful data that the campaign can be further focused and refined for the next rollout portion. Before you decide to invest in digital – you should become somewhat informed about its penetration schedule, nuances, current trends, and where your business fits into this extremely competitive landscape.

  • “We hired you because you’re the experts – you should know”

    • This is a phrase uttered by people who have a glaring hole in the way they view their business strategy. No matter what external business assistance of which you choose to avail yourself, be sure that you’re not relying on them to determine how your business should be promoted. After hiring a digital company, you should come in prepared with a clear identity and brand platform from which you intend to begin. Allowing your digital company to determine your brand or vision is a recipe for disaster. Yet, surprisingly, many companies orchestrate business in just this way. Your digital company should be assisting you in spreading the word, not creating the narrative that exemplifies what your business is.

Oct 30 2015