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We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise.

Please feel free to call us at 905-716-4975 if your question is not listed below.

About Trice

What puts Trice’s Design Process above the competition’s?
Most Web Design firms will choose templates for their projects and pass them by the client. Once they chose a template, the firm then switches the images/text until the client is satisfied with the look. This method wastes a lot of time and doesn’t involve any original design. By showing our clients original concepts, we’re able to pinpoint exactly what our clients are looking for and create a custom solution to achieve success. Once we conclude on a homepage concept, we then design the rest of the web pages so that every page stays consistent with the design theme.
Does Trice ever use templates for design or development?
Absolutely not. All of our projects from design to development are custom built for our clients. The problems with using a template are the lack of customization and the legal issues that our clients may run into. When you buy a template you don’t actually own anything. You purchase a license to use the template for a certain amount of time, and are unable to do any sort of marketing with it since you don’t actually hold the copyright for full use.

The worst case scenario is when a business runs into a position where they are forced to give up the template and stop using it. Whether this is because of the license time expiring or other obstacles, it’s always better to have a custom website made that you fully own.
Does Trice offer hosting services with their projects?
Yes, we do offer hosting services to allow our projects to be a complete turn-key solution for clients who do not already have a website.

No, you do not have to set anything up yourself. Even if you have hosting services with another firm, we still set everything up for you.
Do your projects come with any warranties or guarantees?
Absolutely. We don’t build your website and then disappear. All of our projects come with 30 days of support and warranty, which includes any unforeseen bug fixes and technical support.

Project Information

How much does it cost to build a website?
The cost of a website is a direct relation to the amount of design and development needed to complete it. Since every website is different and strives to accomplish different goals, it’s very tough to give a number as an answer to this question. The cost of every website is different.
How long does it take to build a website?
The time it takes to complete a project depends on its complexity, as well as the amount of work involved for its delivery. Since every website is different, each project takes a different amount of time. This Toronto web Development Company’s usual turnaround time is between 2 weeks and 2 months, depending on the size of the project.
Do I own the website once the project is complete?
Absolutely. Any resources that were used to design and develop the website belongs to you - forever. Once the website is complete, we can even send you a copy of your website’s files upon request.
Is it possible to just have a design created?
Absolutely. We are very proud of our design process and of our ability to show off so many different concepts. Plenty of Web Development firms have made us their go-to Web Designer for all their design phases.
Are there any maintenance fees with owning a website?
The only ongoing fee would be web hosting. Other than that there are no additional fees associated with owning a website.
Should we host our company website ourselves?
It’s possible to do so although most (if not all) of the time it is too expensive to host just one website yourself. It’s much more practical to pay a monthly fee for hosting services. This way, another firm is taking care of the ongoing maintenance of the server, and good firms have technicians you can call if a problem or question comes up.

General Questions

What is a Domain Name and do I really need one?
A domain name is your website’s address, literally. This is the name someone types into their address bar at the top of their browser to arrive at your website. A domain name is absolutely required and can be registered at anytime throughout the project.
Can Trice setup my Domain Name for me?
Absolutely. We suggest efficient, easy-to-remember domain names and complete a full setup and registration for you.
What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting is a service provided by a web development or web hosting firm that allots you some space where the files of your website are stored and can be accessed through the internet. The files that make up your website are kept on a remote computer - called a server - that is always on and is always connected to the internet. A hosting service is simply the rental of space on a dedicated server which allows people to use the internet to access your website.
Can I make changes to the website myself?
You can always make changes to the website yourself since you will have full ownership of all the website’s files. If a client is not very verse in web development, we recommend a content management system as a user-friendly method of maintaining your website.
Does it matter what kind of programming language you use?
Yes. Different languages offer different advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s the principal:

A Corvette, Minivan, and a Dump truck all have steering wheels, transmissions, and tires… but they each do what they do more efficiently than the other. While it is probably possible to carpool with the soccer team in the dump truck, the minivan would be the best choice. This principle holds true with different programming languages.

Online Marketing

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process to optimize your website to search engines. By having a White-Hat SEO strategy, your website will reflect its relevancy to search engines like Google so your rank will increase when people search for what your business is about.
What is a Pay-Per-Click Campaign?
A Pay-Per-Click campaign is an online marketing strategy used to send customers who are looking for your product/service directly to your site when they search for your industry. This is done by creating an ad campaign for a specific search engine, so an ad of your website shows up only to people who are interested in what you’re providing. This is a great way to see instant results and grab instant customers.
Does Trice Offer SEO and PPC services?
Yes. We have SEO and PPC professionals within the company who handle all of our client’s online marketing. For more information, feel free to contact us with any questions!