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Search Engine Optimization is a strategy used by 99% of companies who want to have their website on the first page of Google. When someone enters a few keywords into Google, they are given two sets of results; the listings on the right and the listings on the left. The listings on the right are “Pay-Per-Click” ads which we also build campaigns for our clients and maintain.

The listings on the left can be recognized as the “organic” listings. These websites did not pay Google to get to the top and are the most relevant to what keywords you typed into Google’s search engine. By having your
website on the first page, millions of potential customers will be able to see your website. This leads to a drastic increase in traffic and sales. Google is looking for websites that have shown natural growth towards a top spot. There are many strategies that should be implemented in order to climb the rankings properly.

Google’s main service is to provide its visitors with the most relevant information based on the keywords that they’ve typed into the search engine. It’s a difficult job to go through billions of websites and filter out the trash, but Google is the best at what it does. There are plenty of Search Engine Optimization strategies that will get your website punished, never to be seen again. These strategies are called “Black Hat” methods. When a website is caught participating in such an act, Google wastes no time in “blacklisting” that website. Penalties from Google are very difficult and time consuming to come back from, so we feel it’s best to just stay away from trying to be tricky.

Google is looking for natural growth from a website from many mediums such as link building, blogging, social media, etc. There are billions of websites on the internet, so it can be difficult to make a name for yourself. Search Engine Optimization can bring thousands of visitors to your website daily. It’s a smart investment for your company and is usually what is needed to take your sales to the next level.

Our Search Engine Optimization specialists will be happy to offer you free advice on how to tackle your online competitors.
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White Hat SEO Strategies
Search Engine Marketing can be directly related to a marketing strategy called a “Pay-Per-Click” campaign. Google has a service in place aptly named “Google AdWords.” This is a campaign you build with Google in order to place your website on the first page of as many keywords as you like. Unlike the left side of the listings for search results, Pay-Per-Click campaigns allow you to pay Google a certain amount of dollars (sometimes cents) for each time they send a potential customer to your website.

Being on the first page of a highly competitive keyword is difficult and takes time. With a Pay-Per-Click campaign you don’t have to wait a few months to be recognized as a top contender for your industry. Having a campaign like this allows you to search out how much each click on a specific keyword will cost you. Some keywords that are extremely competitive can cost upwards of $25.00 per click while other not-so-competitive keywords may only cost $0.15 per click. Taking these costs into consideration, you only pay Google that fee if someone clicks on your ads. If your ads are posted and no one clicks on them, you don’t pay a dime. What you “pay per click” is dependent on how competitive you want to be. Someone who is paying $5.00 a click will rank ahead of the company paying $2.00 a click.

A “Pay-Per-Click” campaign is an effective method of marketing your website on a search engine. There can be specifications ranging from money spent per day or time that the campaign is active each day. You can even choose the location you want your customers to come from. Search Engine Marketing is a successful strategy that allows you to get on the first page fast. It yields great results and increases sales, although it does require ongoing maintenance and the same keyword research used in Search Engine Optimization. Give us a call and our Search Engine Marketing team will work with you to establish your advertising goals and achieve them.
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Ongoing Maintenance
With the crazy growth social media has had over the past few years, companies are almost being forced into a position where they must follow their competitors and handle their social media outlets. Social media marketing actually brings along quite the number of advantages including impacts on your organic search results while reducing marketing costs.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn (along with many others) provide your business an opportunity to be heard, but it’s loud out there. Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to give you some free advice and suggestions on how to approach your social media strategy.
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